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Electrical Fault Finding | Ashford Kent

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Do you have an electrical fault?

If you have an electrical fault or electrical problem our fully qualified electrician can assess the situation and assist you. Electrical fault finding can sometimes be difficult to trace, however, 99% of the time it is a straight forward process.

What are the electrical circuit common faults?

There are many common wiring faults that can occur within an electrical system. Some typical faults are; a blown fuse, circuit breaker tripping, short circuit, electrical equipment or electrical appliance fault, a lighting circuit, loose connections, a faulty circuit, or even your consumer unit (fuse box) could have an issue.

Every electrical repair, electrical issue, or power loss should essentially be avoided for reasons of safety. Having a regular electrical installation condition report can help identify faults before they occur.

How do you check for electrical faults?

Our electrical fault finding service is carried out by our qualified electrician. He has all kinds of fault finding equipment and will bring them to your property in order to find the fault. For example a multi-meter, insulation resistance tester and many more. Our electrical engineer will carry out an electrical service to identify any faulty electrical equipment.

How do electrical fires start in walls?

Ask any emergency electrician about the causes of an electrical fire and he will most likely tell you there are many answers. Common causes could be old wiring, overloaded circuits (or plug sockets), faulty wiring, an open circuit, a broken electrical component, a faulty light switch, loose wires or a poor fuse box, to name but a few.

What are the best precautions that could help prevent electrical faults?

Having a regular check of your electrical system, for example, an EICR check of your electrics. Having a modern consumer unit (fuse box) fitted in-line with current regulations, which has been fitted and checked by an electrical contractor. These are great measures to take in order to lower the risk of an electrical fire. We all know that electricity is dangerous and can cause electric shock if it is not kept in good condition.

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