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Many people like the protective feeling of home security CCTV lighting. Whilst some people want simple security lighting, others feel better having a full home security system fitted.

What is a full home security system?

Smart security systems, with all the bells and whistles, takes into consideration how an intruder can compromise your property.

You can get a wired or wireless CCTV system, comprising of at least one surveillance camera. These are also operated via motion detection and use a smart camera, or outdoor camera which is linked to a recording device inside of your home.

The combination of decent outdoor security light and CCTV camera set-up is plenty for most domestic properties. Any security camera will often work as a deterrent when spotted by someone planning to break into your home.

A good start to your home security system would begin with a basic motion sensor light that when triggered activates a floodlight that illuminates the exterior of your property.

There are some very powerful LED lights on the market, some of which even have night vision capability for use at night time. These are the ultimate illuminators and will often be enough to make a potential intruder run away

Burglar lit up by security outdoor lighting

Is there another level we could go to?

Yes, the next level would be to have an alarm system fitted. Although external lighting will often prevent a break-in, some homeowners feel a lot safer with the full works.

From smart lights with a powerful light bulb to an LED floodlight to a camera system with facial recognition, Ashford Electrical Testing can make your home less attractive to a potential intruder to give you some peace of mind. We can even fit an indoor camera to capture evidence if someone does manage to get inside and cameras with current facial recognition technology.

How much does this all cost?

We can give you a quote for whichever level of security you choose, from an outdoor light to a full set up with video analytics. You'll likely want a smart home with a smart security system.

We always recommend you start with at least illumination or a Ring Video Doorbell.  These are inexpensive devices that send video images to your mobile smartphone.

Our prices for all of our services are extremely competitive and we will do our very best to give you a quote that you are happy with, in order to protect your home.

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