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Rewiring Your House | Ashford Kent

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How can you tell if your house needs rewiring?

Rewiring your home usually boils down to the age of your property, when it was last rewired or by getting a licensed electrician to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report. Electrical safety, including faulty wiring and old wiring, can also call for rewiring work. Electrical services of your existing wiring should easily find any electrical problem.

What signs do you need to check to know if your house needs rewiring?

You should check your electric fuse box to ensure it does not have an old fashioned cartridge or rewireable fuses, push-button breakers (these have coloured buttons blue, red and yellow). All old electrical wiring, electrical sockets, light fittings and switches, should be checked for burn marks. A qualified electrician will look behind a socket or switch for loose wiring and brittleness as these are clear signs of wear and tear which are usually an electrical fire hazard and run the risk of electric shock. Such things as overloaded plug sockets caused by extension cords and common extension leads can also cause a house fire when too many electrical appliance are used at the same time.

If in doubt call a professional local electrician for advice. You may only require a part rewire, rather than a complete rewire.

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When should you rewire a house?

Generally, a home's wiring has approximately a 25-year life span, which any electrical wholesaler would inform you, and any fully qualified electrician will tell you the same.

This does not mean, however, that you must have a full rewire that often, but it's a good idea to get your electrics checked on a regular basis as poor wiring or old electrical wiring can cause a building fire.

What does rewiring a house include?

Everything that forms a part of your home's electrical installation will be included in your rewiring work plan. This includes everything, from your consumer unit (fuse box) and circuit breaker, all socket outlets and wiring and every light switch. Electrical rewiring will also include any new wiring (insulated cabling). Your entire electrical system, including all older wiring, will be replaced as new.

The rewiring process will give your property a complete rewire.

Can you rewire your house by yourself?

Yes, in theory, it is possible to rewire your own home. However, any electrical work must be checked at stages for it to be signed off by a qualified electrician, this can turn into a costly exercise You'll most likely not find an electrician who would be willing to take part in this process. See what the HSE has to say about this.

Does rewiring a house add value?

A full or partial rewire will not necessarily add value to your property, however, if needed it would make your property more attractive to a potential buyer that the house has had new wiring. Even having an up to date ECIR inspection certificate or electrical inspection can give you peace of mind that safety is paramount.

Can you find out when a house was rewired?

Usually, a licensed electrician would have issued an NICEIC certificate stating the date of any electrical installation.

How messy is rewiring a house?

Our house rewiring service is carried by a fully licensed electrician who will do his utmost to keep any mess or disruption to a minimum and he will also tidy any mess as he goes.

Does homeowners insurance cover rewiring a house?

Most likely not, however you would need to check your policy or give them a quick call and ask.

What are the costs of rewiring a house?

This would depend on a number of factors. For example, the size of the house, how many rooms and floors it consists of. As a ballpark figure, a full house rewire starts at £2500 upwards. All house rewires are carried out in line with the current wiring regulations.

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