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New electrical installations

What is the meaning of electrical installation?

New electrical installs relate to the installation of new electrical wiring into a building from the consumer unit (fuse box) This also includes all wiring to electrical components such as a circuit breaker / RCD, light fittings or socket outlets.

It is similar to a house rewire.

What makes a good electrical installation?

Reduce the use of multiway socket adapters by ensuring there are enough sockets for electrical appliances. A protection device known as RCD is installed to provide additional protection against electric shock. It is best to have this work carried out by a registered electrician, as they will work in line with current 18th edition wiring regulations and safety standards, to maximise safety.

At the end of the installation, you will be issued with an electrical safety certificate.

All electrical work on domestic electrical installations is carried out with safety being the main priority.
Electrician installing plug sockets, ashford kent

Do you need an electrician to install a 230v outlet?

Yes, you require a qualified electrician.

Even though an electrical equipment shop or online electrical equipment shopping may provide you with the equipment you require. It’s not advisable to do any installation yourself due to the high risk of electric shock or even fire.

All electrical equipment installed should be tested. Once the work has been checked an electrical installation certificate will be issued. All electrical installation work should be undertaken by a fully qualified electrical contractor.

These are the only people who can issue you with an electrical certificate.

What is the importance of electrical installation?

Whether it is a new or existing installation, all homes require electricity to operate their electrical appliances. From the TV to the electric cooker.

The important factor is to have all work carried out by a qualified electrician and electrical testing should be carried out by the electrical contractor.

Electrical safety standards will be followed in all areas of your electrical circuit to prevent damage to electrical appliances caused by excessive current and reduce the risk of electric shock.

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